Sunday Sun !

Firstly, I cant believe I have had over 100 views, 2 likes and a comment on my very first post that’s fantastic thank you !

Today has been a very hot day and has mostly been spent sat in the garden while the better half runs round after me and the kids ( bless her ! ). She made an amazing beef dinner which always makes me feel that bit better 🙂

Today’s symptoms have mostly been blurry vision and the usual right eye pain/pressure, its quite hard to explain but it feels like something is pushing against the inside of my eye and its one of them symptoms that really gets me down as its quite hard to ignore.

The sun always makes me feel a little better, maybe its that free vitamin D, but it also reminds me of how immobile I actually am and its heart breaking to watch people walking by enjoying life and I cant even walk as far as my garden. The summer is here to enjoy and when you have kids this is the time of year in which you go on adventures, unfortunately this has been robbed from me BUT I am determined to get back to my old self eventually and refuse to believe that this condition is me for the rest of my life.

Although today’s post seems a little negative I can promise I have had numerous positives today, my daughter playing, my wife-to-be telling me she loves me, the kids laughter and the wonderful weather are all but just a few and I am extremely thankful for these.

thanks for reading x