Its fun to be beside the seaside..

Yesterday I decided to take my better half and our daughter to Saltburn for an ice-cream. The normal John would of went for a stroll along the beach maybe ran in the sea and made sandcastles, the new John sat and had an ice-cream. I’m not beating myself up over it though I have seen this a positive experience because I know that it is improvement, the idea to go for an ice-cream was mine and I did feel good for it.


Today we have enjoyed he sun in the garden and we managed to have a little walk up our local high street and take our little chihuahua along with us, it was nice šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Its fun to be beside the seaside..

    • It certainly does! I have always reached for the Ice cream when I have had that odd throat pain, prior to other symptoms I always just thought I was prone to sore throats and I always kept a pack of ice creams, lollys or cornettos in the freezer.

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      • That’s what I thought as well! Now i know the sore throat symptom is a symptom of M.E and not just a sore throat. It’s difficult to find a balance between using ice cream for a sore throat and eating too much…

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