Hottest day of the year, symptoms and tech.

Wow what a scorcher ! Well for us in the UK anyhow, the garden thermometer peaked at 37.5 C hotter than Florida 😮

Now here comes the moan 😉 , for us ME sufferers we cant seem to tolerate extreme temperatures, so this means today has been a real struggle and there is no way of escaping the heat, I always loved the sun, a real sun-worshipper, but at the moment I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sunny days make you feel happier but the heat really drains me so I’ll be the one sat in the shade thanks !


I have read on a couple of ME CFS blogs that people use a fitbit flex to track there daily activity levels so I have decided to purchase one of these. It tracks things like how many steps you have taken, sleep pattern and calories burnt. Then it seamlessly transmits the data to your smart phone for you to analyse. Watch this space for a more in-depth review after I have worn it for a while.


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